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Who We Are

With over 70 years of experience in Commercial and Residential real estate, Sampson Morris Group leverages its extensive experience and proven track record in development and property management to stand out as an industry leader in Western PA.

Sampson Morris Group’s strategic approach has propelled growth to build an exquisite real estate portfolio. Through the expertise of talented individuals, the company has integrated partnerships with affiliates specializing in construction and land development to bring flexibility, creativity, and value to each project. The leadership at Sampson Morris Group has brokered well-established partnerships with a conglomerate of groups to develop and manage an impressive holding of more than 2.8 million square feet of commercial real estate and 3,500 residential units.

Throughout the history of Sampson Morris Group, the organization has been led and managed by an elite set of managers who have framed the company to its successful establishment. SMG takes pride in its management philosophies, including forward-thinking and strong efforts in employee development and succession planning.

Our Heritage

Sampson Morris Group’s story starts with A.L. Sampson, a successful builder in Pittsburgh back in the early 1900’s. He built homes and commercial buildings like the Hebron School in Penn Hills. He and his wife Annie raised a family of twelve. Four of their sons, Orin, Glenn, Harold and Stanley were known locally as “Sampson Brothers” who, following WWII, built over 30,000 homes in the Pittsburgh area.

In 1960, Orin and his sons Myles and Ben were responsible for much of the development in the new Eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh. Although they began as residential builders, they soon expanded to building retirement communities, retail shopping centers, and commercial office and warehouse buildings — now known as ‘flex-parks’.

In 1996, Ben Sampson and Michael Morris formed a partnership, Sampson Morris Group, which now manages the entire real estate investment portfolio. A 4th generation of family members, Jeremy Sampson, and Clayton Morris are now active in the business. With this generational investment, Pittsburgh is not only Sampson Morris Group’s future, it is our heritage.

Our Legacy

Sampson Morris Group is anchored in Pittsburgh by both its history and future, three generations in the family business all devoted to the Pittsburgh area. As the region is pulled into the national spotlight, our experience, knowledge, and care for the region become more vital.

Sampson Morris Group creates value that captures the diverse economic and population growth of the city and suburban neighborhoods.

Sampson Morris Group strives to responsibly seek value and add opportunities.

From the rehabilitation of abandoned properties into modern office buildings and flex – parks, to the successful streamlined management of apartment home communities, Sampson Morris Group is experienced in all facets of real estate.

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