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With over 70 years of experience in Commercial and Residential real estate, Sampson Morris Group leverages its extensive experience and proven track record in development and property management to stand out as an industry leader in Western PA.

Sampson Morris Group’s strategic approach has propelled growth to build an exquisite real estate portfolio. Through the expertise of talented individuals, the company has integrated partnerships with affiliates specializing in construction and land development to bring flexibility, creativity, and value to each project. The leadership at Sampson Morris Group has brokered well-established partnerships with a conglomerate of groups to develop and manage an impressive holding of more than 2.8 million square feet of commercial real estate and 3,500 residential units.

Throughout the history of Sampson Morris Group, the organization has been led and managed by an elite set of managers who have framed the company to its successful establishment. SMG takes pride in its management philosophies, including forward-thinking and strong efforts in employee development and succession planning.

Sampson Morris Group Property

Open Career Opportunities

Maintenance Supervisor

Monroeville, PA

Sampson Morris Group is hiring a full-time-Residential Maintenance Supervisor for the Pittsburgh, PA area.

Position Objective: The ideal candidate to join the team would be able to provide the following skill set-

  • Lead and direct over 30 maintenance site staff with all aspects of facility maintenance across multiple multi-family properties.
  • Inspect and direct the maintenance of the interior and exterior of the properties.
  • Oversee preventive maintenance schedules and capital improvement projects.
  • Oversee apartment unit turnovers to ensure quality and timely completion.
  • Obtain vendor and subcontractor bids; oversee vendor and subcontractor work.
  • Respond to and supervise disaster events – (fires, flooding, etc.). Work with insurance companies for the restoration of property.

Primary Schedule: Full-Time On-site/In-Person: Monday-Friday (On call, Overtime, Weekends as needed)

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