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Sampson Morris Group Team Jeff Kramer

Jeff Kramer

Jeff brings over a decade of human resources management experience to SMG including a diverse and multifaceted corporate background in talent acquisition, talent and performance management, and an overall broad range of experience within human resource generalist functions. Throughout his corporate tenure he has sourced, acquired and aided within the overall professional development of hundreds of business-related positions, and information technology professionals, along with implementing and orchestrating organizational succession planning and reclassification projects.

After obtaining an associate degree in Information Systems and Technology, Jeff began his career by progressing through leadership and management roles within IT and Data Center service management. For many years he had a senior management position leading 35+ service professionals, while developing and implementing incident management protocols and strategies. Due to the rapid growth within the company along with his passion and success within assigned HR management responsibilities his position began to resonate directly in acquiring, training, and developing talent for a 24/7/365 NOC and IT support operation, while at the same time managing incident and change applications through a ITIL framework.

With Jeff’s transition into human resource management roles and responsibilities, he continued to pursue his education attending both Robert Morris and graduating from Geneva College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resource Management. With the continued desire to focus his career solely within human resources and before starting at SMG, he dedicated his efforts and responsibilities specific to talent acquisition and workforce and job analysis as he aided in restructuring the corporation’s personnel-support teams and overall organizational status, through the use of human resource practice and management. Jeff joined Sampson Morris Group in 2019 and works within various aspects of Human Resources Generalist functions.

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